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Pro Android TV Box

Customized To Surpass Your Expectations!

We have Pre-loaded your Set-Top-Box (STB) streaming media player with our 3For1 Live TV programming. Plus, 2 additional VOD and TV SOD Services (SOD = TV Shows Recorded on Demand)! This firestick is fully programmed and set to be Plug and Play! Let us enhance your home TV viewing experience and have a superior TV service and dramatically reduce your TV viewing cost.

Please Note:
This device is open source, which means you can access the internal workings of this unit by using developer options.
So, you must use the mfg warranty, we are not responsible for its operation once you use it.
We have tested and pre-installed software for your plug-in-play experience!
If you already own a STB we will give you the links to download all the apps we use for programming 3For1LiveTV streaming services and VOD apps.

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