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Are you a popular blogger,
power seller or a savvy marketer?

You can make more money by bringing in new sellers to 3For1 Live TV as a partner!

What do I get to be a partner?

Beginner or pro, we have the tools to help you succeed!

Are you part of a larger community of customers, partners, affiliates, and people looking to make money alike?
You can earn by referring new partners to our 3For1 partner program through blog posts, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and your own 3For1 partner page..

Marketing Materials

We provide Creative banners, links and social media materials that are optimized for conversion.

Partner Dashboard

Partners get their own full-featured dashboard and reporting tools, so you can keep track of performance and optimize your efforts.

Lifetime Commissions

Recurring lifetime commissions on 3For1 Live TV subscriptions. You get commissions payouts every month, for all your customers accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I make $$ if I refer a reseller?

Yes, Our partner program allows you as the 3For1 Live TV seller, to use a 1 tier reseller referral program to sell 3For1 services. We are all about you making money with our partner program by introducing new sellers to the 3For1 services and you earning a commission in return.

How do you calculate commission earnings?

Let’s say, a seller that you refer is getting on a PRO plan and is selling $5,000 worth of downloads a month. They have to pay Sellfy $29 a month in subscription fee and 2% in transaction fees, which would result in $129. You’re getting 25% of that, which is $32.25.

I have more questions about Sellfy Affiliate Program

Learn more about the program in our partner terms. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Can I refer myself?

Our software automatically tracks and does not allow self-referrals, the affiliate program is meant for attracting new creators to Sellfy..

What about 3rd party integrations?

Sellfy affiliate program works only for a seller using Sellfy service directly without any integrations with 3rd party services (e.g.

You get 25% of everything seller pays us for the first 12 months.

Bring high-volume sellers to get bigger profits

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