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3For1 Live TV

We look forward to servicing your streaming TV needs!

You will need a Amazon firetvstick 4K or a Set Top Box (STB) for each TV.

Your service includes 2 live TV streams for 2 STB.

If needed you can order additional TV streams for just $20.00 per month (gives 2 more streams). Save $9.95 per month!

You can get more details and order your

Set-Top Boxes and TV services 

by clicking the “Order Now!” button on images below.

Don’t forget to order both your

monthly Streaming service and set-top box if NEEDED!

If you use a Smart TV That Is Android Based Or a TV that has the Fire TV Edition built in – you do not need a box or firestick for that tv!


We strongly recommend the Amazon FireTVstick 4K!

Order Your’s Today!